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ThinkDebug we have project management platform to do the job quickly, easily and efficiently. Its flexibility allows teams to collaborate and achieve multifunctional carry out the work successfully. Project Management Project refers to all actions that must be performed to meet a defined need within the deadlines. Thus, since the project is a temporary action that has a beginning and end, using identified resources (human and material) during its execution, and that costs must be budgeted resources and independent balance sheet of the company. "End products" refers to the expected results of the project.

Project management is the branch of management science; it comes to planning and control of projects.
Planning the implementation of a project before it starts.
Measuring progress of the project.

The coordination of a project requires the coordination of the timing equipment, suppliers, people, tasks and money. To perform these tasks, a project can be divided into the following phases:
Creation and planning phase of the project
Phase of the project monitoring and control
Communication phase of the project

Processes in project planning:

Project Specifications
Defining the project schedule
Defining the project outline
Determining the characteristics of each activity
Location of milestones or key control points
Search dependencies between activities
Determination of the resources involved in the project
Review and critical analysis of the project